Earth Day 2021: Small Step, Big Impact.

Earth Day 2021: Small Step, Big Impact.

In 2021, Earth Day feels a little differently. By now we know that buying sustainable products can help shift daily habits, BUT it's not the only solution. Shopping does not fix systemic issues like environmental justice or fighting for clean energy legislation. 

For Earth Day 2021, 10% of every Grouphug solar charger sold, will support national clean energy policies.

Where does one get started in national legislation?! For the past few months we've been researching renewable energy policy, how new progressive energy laws get passed, and who the big players are that are making it all happen. 

At Grouphug Solar, our goal is to be our first step into solar energy. Do not stop with a solar panel in your window.


We're proud to partner with Vote Solar! 

Established in 2002, Vote Solar is a non-profit policy advocacy organization with the mission of making solar more accessible and affordable across the United States.

Vote Solar works state by state to repower our communities with sunshine and build a thriving clean economy with affordable solar energy for all. We use a winning combination of deep policy expertise, coalition building, and public engagement to help build a strong, just, and inclusive 100% clean-powered future. Learn more about Vote Solar here

Small step, big impact. 

This collaboration starts on Thursday, April 22nd and ends Sunday April 25th. Window Solar Chargers are $30 off at $119 (reg. $149). 

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