Case Study: Solar Heart

Case Study: Solar Heart

Solar Heart, a heart-shaped solar panel, is coming to a yoga studio in Manhattan.

About the site:

Love Child Yoga is a cozy, baby-friendly yoga center offering a range of classes for families & expecting parents. 

Grouphug Solar - Solar Heart at Love Child Yoga

How Solar Heart was born:

Sustainability is a central pillar in how Neelu Shruti, owner of Love Child Yoga, runs her business. The studio boasts a composting area, recycling area, and outdoor patio to connect with nature. We started working with Love Child to create a custom solar panel that aligned with their values, provided value to their customers, and acted as decor for the studio.

Tech Specs:

100W, powers a phone charging station for visitors.


Currently in progress & set to be complete in May 2020.


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