Grouphug: 1 Year Since Shark Tank

Grouphug: 1 Year Since Shark Tank

And what a strange, rollercoaster year it's been. Last March, Grouphug founder Krystal Persaud pitched Window Solar Chargers on Shark Tank in front of four intimidating judges (and millions of Americans at home). As you already know - she walked away with an investment from Mark Cuban and the rest is history.  

So, what happened this past year?!

1. We manufactured the Window Solar Charger

We managed to manufacture our first run of Window Solar Chargers during a global pandemic! It was not easy and included many sleepless nights. 


2. We've sold our product in almost every state

The national exposure from Shark Tank has been incredible! We have sold solar chargers in 49 out of 50 states across the country. The only state missing is North Dakota (reach out if you are from ND)! 


3. We've been featured in national press articles 

We're grateful to be featured in dozens of national press articles. A few of our top favorites are, Buzzfeed,, and CNET


4. We're making renewable energy education fun


We wrote a book! Well, it's a picture book (the best kind). It's designed for those who want to learn about solar energy, but don’t know where to start. It has 30+ pages of content & illustrations. Designed to be the easiest way for beginners to dive in. Learn more about it here.


5. Last but not least, our mentorship from Mark Cuban

Many people think that the "Sharks" disappear after making a deal on Shark Tank. That can't be farther from the truth! We have weekly emails with Mark Cuban, updating him on the business and asking for advice. Get a peek into how we work together in our Q&A with Mark Cuban video on youtube


We're celebrating with $20 off Window Solar Chargers until April 1st!  

Use code "SOLARSHARK20" and shop here.


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