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When are you shipping?
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When a product is in stock, we typically ship within 1-2 days of an order from our warehouse in New Jersey.

We are currently out of stock of the Window Solar Charger & USB-C adapter. Pre-orders placed after April 22nd are shipping in June.

If you placed an order & would like an update on your order, email and we will get back to you right away.

Can I track my order?
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Yep! When your order ships, you will receive an email with a tracking number. 

Where do you ship to?
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We shipping to the United States, Canada, & Europe.

If there is enough interest, we will expand to some countries internationally. Want us to ship to you? Shoot us a note at 

Import Taxes: Shipping outside of the U.S.
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All of our products ship from New Jersey in the United States. Any time a product is "imported" or shipped to another country (Canada & Europe) - the mail carrier will charge you an additional import tax.

This tax will vary depending on what country you are in, it is typically a percentage of the product price and amounts to $25-$50 USD.

Unfortunately this is not something we can avoid until we have warehouses abroad.

How does the Window Solar Charger work?
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Great question! 3 easy steps.

1 - Hang it in any sunny window. It takes 8-10 hrs of direct sunlight to fully charge the built in battery. A suction cup comes with the product for hanging.

2 - Plug your phone or USB device into the included USB port.

3- Charge all your favorite small USB devices from the charger's internal battery. A full battery can charge iPhones (2x), Android phones (1 - 1.5x), Tablets (0.5x), Air Pods (3x), Portable Speaker (1x), Donuts (1000x).

The sun charges up the Window Solar Charger's internal battery all day so when you get home from work, school, outer space, or wherever it's ready to go day or night.

There are 3 indicator LEDs - a yellow LED that indicates if there is enough sunlight to charge your battery. A green LED which tells you if your battery is more than 50% full. A red LED which tells you if your battery is running low.

What can the Window Solar Charger power?
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The Window Solar Charger has a built-in 3400mAh lithium ion battery built inside. This internal battery charges up in 8-10 hours of direct sunlight. This product is designed to power small, portable USB devices. For example: phones, tablets, smart watches, bicycle lights, anything with a USB plug. 

How do you know if our Window Solar Charger can charge your favorite device? A good way to check if this works for your device is to check your battery size! 

Example: iPhone 11 Pro has a 3046 mAh battery. Our battery is 3400 mAh, so you're good! 

If you have a USB-C device, you will need an adapter.

What if my window doesn't have direct sunlight?
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The Window Solar Charger will "trickle" charge your battery in cloudy conditions. 

If your window doesn't have direct sunlight, it will take longer for the Window Solar Charger's internal battery to charge. Instead of the estimated 8-10 hours, it may take 10-15 hours. If it's raining non stop, then it will take 15+ hours. 

If you don't have sunlight, the Window Solar Charger may not make sense for your situation. Sorry to tell you that! But we don't want to mislead you in any way.

What if my product breaks? Will it end up in the trash?
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Modularity = Repairability. We designed this product to be as modular as possible.

If one component breaks, it’s easy to replace it without trashing the entire unit. The solar panel in the frame is rated to last 25+ years and we wanted to ensure every piece in the unit could be maintained just as long.

For repairs, email  

What is your carbon footprint?
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How long would you need to be using the Window Solar Charger for the CO2 cost of manufacturing would be offset by the CO2 the grid power would have taken?

Our products all ship carbon neutral. This is something we care a lot. 

We are partnering with Carbon Credit Capital to offset all emissions created by manufacturing & shipping processes. From sourcing all the way through to customer. We have set aside a % in each product margin to make sure its built in to our business model.

Want to know anything else?
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We'd love to chat! Drop us a line at