About Grouphug.

There is a world where renewable energy can be user friendly, and ridiculously good looking! And most importantly, they’ll reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. We’re not going to be able to go off the grid overnight, but we can take steps to getting there. Our patented Window Solar Charger is just the first of many Grouphug products that will shift the way we think about consuming energy.

Design is a powerful tool.

There is a big opportunity for designers to pave a path to a more circular future. Most people want to help the environment, but only 20% want to make the effort [Pew]. Honestly, we don’t blame them! Old habits die hard, which is why we’re designing our products to fit seamlessly into the lifestyle you love. Minimal effort required.


Grouphug was founded by industrial designer Krystal Persaud. She was frustrated by the lack of attractive, accessible solar panels... so she made one herself! She made the first prototype on her kitchen table and took it all the way to Shark Tank, where she got an investment from Mark Cuban.

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