Climate Justice is Racial Justice

Climate Justice is Racial Justice

Hi everyone.

There is so much happening in the world right now. I'm honestly a little nervous about writing this, because I am afraid of any fallout it might have with customers or followers who disagree. But at the same time, it's that hesitancy that convinces me that sharing this is the right thing to do. 

First, know that climate justice is racial justice. The Black community and people of color (POC) are disproportionately affected by climate change (read the NAACP link below). We stand with the Black community in the fight against the pervasive injustice they have faced for centuries. We have not talked about climate & racial justice before now, but we won't be silent moving forward.  

I have been attending peaceful protests in Brooklyn to show my support & donating to the organizations (below). I know I personally have a lot of work, learning, and un-learning to do. As a first generation Guyanese-American and POC, I recognize that I have so much privilege. My family would not even have been able to immigrate to America for the numerous laws passed (Civil Rights Act, Immigration Act of 1965).

All the best, 

- Krystal

 Resources I have found to be helpful: 

Organizations I've donated to:

Activists/Educators on Instagram that focus on Intersectional Climate Issues:


  • For New Yorkers, elections are June 23, request your absentee ballot at 




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