Community Spotlight: Lakeithea, Nashville

Community Spotlight: Lakeithea, Nashville

This is an interview series featuring members of our Grouphug community. We always love hearing about how you use your solar charger & tackle living sustainably. Interested in being featured? Email

Meet Lakeithea 
Nashville, Tennessee

Tell us a little about yourself!
I am a publicist, founder of For Us Agency, and the Black Soulflower Cafe. I am passionate about people and making a difference, oh and coffee, very passionate about coffee! I love people. The thought of connecting with people and making sure our lives and world are healthy and safe is important to me.

What is your favorite thing to charge with our solar charger?
My cellphone! I work in PR and Marketing, so I'm on it a lot. Being able not to have to plug it into a wall has been great. I've also powered by record player with it! 

How do you tackle living "sustainably"? 
Sustainability, for me, means making choices now that will allow our future generations to continue to enjoy our earth. It means loving this planet and taking care of it the same way it takes care of us. Sustainability means make better decisions for our health physically, emotionally, socially, and economically.  

How did you take your "first step into solar"? 
Education! Being from the city, it can be hard to find what I need, but I am spending time educating myself and making small changes. Having the Grouphug solar panel has opened my eyes; I recently purchased a drying rack to save even more energy in my apartment. I am researching to learn more about products that I can incorporate into my life and household.

What do you do for fun?!
Reading, gardening, I should say learning how to garden, playing with my dog and drinking coffee, and talking. I love to talk to people. 

Follow Lakeithea on instagram: @publicistlakeithea

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