Earth Week Event: Sustainable Design Panel

Earth Week Event: Sustainable Design Panel

We’re hosting a sustainable design panel during Earth Week!

Join us at Kickstarter HQ in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for an honest & open dialogue about the realities to bringing a sustainable product to life. Our panelists will share personal stories and insights on how they have overcome challenges to pursue sustainability design in their careers. 

“Most of what I design will end up in the trash one day”

Haven’t we all had that realization and concluded that sustainable design is f*cking hard? Unless you work for a company that manufactures ecological products, sustainability is likely not a top business priority. However, you can still be an important advocate and push for eco conscious design decisions - whether you are in management or a young designer. 


Event details:
Sustainable Design is F*cking Hard: Be an advocate in a world of trash
April 25, 6:30-9:00PM
Kickstarter HQ

Meet our industry leading panelists: 

Jordi-Social-05.png Barent-Social-04.png Tiffany-social-05.png


And the best part: tickets are FREEEEEEEE!
RSVP here to reserve your spot.

(note this event has ended)

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