A Chat with Sustainable Startup Fresh Bowl

A Chat with Sustainable Startup Fresh Bowl

Founder Krystal Persaud caught up with a fellow sustainable startup FreshBowl to discuss why she started Grouphug Solar and the importance of accessibility and education.

Freshbowl is a sustainable food brand with a mission to change the way we eat on-the-go. With their fresh and healthy vending machines they are able to eliminate plastic waste. You can purchase a jar full of healthy awesome foods and return the jar afterwards for a lower cost purchase the next time.

Freshbowl and Grouphug have very similar goals of making sustainable options more accessible. During their interview Freshbowl asked Krystal q's like "why was it important to you to build a business around accessible and sustainable tech?"

To which she replied:
"Renewable energy is SO vital in the fight against climate change. And unfortunately there is SUCH a high barrier to entry, not only cost-wise but also just knowledge. I think education is really one of the most important factors to creating real change. The Window Solar Charger is small, cute, and easy to understand. It’s a great way for someone to take their first step into solar energy. All of a sudden you SEE a solar panel every day at home. I hope people start to ask — hey if I have a solar panel in my window, why aren’t there at my office? Why aren’t they everywhere?"

Check out the full interview here.


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