Grouphug featured on the A/D/O Journal

Grouphug featured on the A/D/O Journal

We’re thrilled to be featured in the A/D/O Journal. Founder Krystal Persaud was a member of A/D/O and prototyped the first Window Solar Charger there last year!

The A/D/O Workspace is a co-working space and fabrication lab that provides an array of essential resources for designers and creative professionals. Functioning more like an incubator for design, The Workspace is a strong community of professionals and designers who support and collaborate together.

You can read the article here.

An excerpt from the article:

“Looking ahead, Persaud believes the future appears increasingly bright for solar tech. The cost of photovoltaic panels is rapidly decreasing, so the technology should become accessible to a much wider group. There are also very few big-name solar brands right now, aside from Elon Musk's Tesla – but this could soon change, said Persaud. With a more crowded market, prices for buying and installing solar panels could fall further still.”


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