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Window Solar Charger on


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Author Jade Cutler writes:

Making the switch to solar power is not only good for you, it’s good for the environment. The problem with most solar options though, is they are either super expensive, bulky, unattractive, unavailable for apartment dwellers and/or made for specific activities (such as hiking, fishing, camping etc). When it comes to people who, say, live in the heart of the city, rent an apartment and aren’t big fans of all those outdoor activities, the fact is, solar power options were pretty limited. Which is exactly why GroupHug created their Window Solar Charger. This solar charger is going to bring accessibility to solar power into the homes of every interested person, with minimal costs and no compromise on aesthetic design. Beautifully built, this Window Solar Charger can charge all your daily devices, while also taking your green living efforts to a new level.


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