Holiday Giveback Program

Holiday Giveback Program

In 2021, holiday shopping feels a little different. Overconsumption and has officially kicked into the highest gear. We know that buying sustainable products & gifts can help shift daily habits, BUT it's not the only solution. Shopping does not fix systemic issues like environmental justice. 

November is Indigenous Peoples Heritage Month. We're donating 5% of our holiday sales to a Native American owned solar nonprofit.

Did you know that Native Americans are ten times more likely to not have electricity than the national average? In the 20th century, when the nation's electrical grid infrastructure was laid out across the country, it often bypassed indigenous communities. 

We're proud to partner with Native Renewables! 

Native Renewables is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2016 that addresses energy access challenges by providing solar options to Native communities. They are headquartered in Flagstaff, Arizona and founded by current Executive Director Suzanne Singer and former ED Wahleah Johns. They not only do solar installations, but solar workforce training and hands-on solar education workshops. Read more about their amazing work here



More on Grouphug's Giveback Program:
Our mission is to make renewable energy fun, easy, and accessible to everyone. We know we can't do that just by selling solar chargers. We select 2-3 nonprofit organizations every year to partner with and donate a percentage of our profits to. These organizations' missions align with ours and expand solar access in ways we do not. You can read about our Earth Day 2021 collaboration with Vote Solar here. Do you know of an organization we should partner with? Drop us a line!


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