My Favorite Eco Meme Accounts

My Favorite Eco Meme Accounts

I'm a huge fan of eco-memes. I adore intersectional justice, and memes reveal the beauty of intersectionality within the environmental movements.

I love silly content that warms my heart and pushes away my climate dread. Still, I want to see honest memes that speak to the radical environmentalist in me.

I look for memes that provide a combo of emotional reinforcement and cynical realism. We all need that balance of hopeful, optimistic content and jaded, logical disillusionment. 

Eco-memes cover the environment, ecology, climate change, sustainability, and social politics. 

Memes can be about anything and everything. That variety that enhances the content.

I've laughed at memes about celebrities and entertainment, racism and decolonization, veganism and animal rights, pollution and plastic, politics and government, and more.

There is no gatekeeping in memes, and because of that, culture and diversity of thought thrive on the internet.

1. Climemechange

Climemechange is a delightful account that acknowledges the stress of and relishes the humor that comes with being an environmentalist. Climemechange is known for mocking/celebrating public figures and environmental events. The account skillfully reworks beloved meme templates to fit the eco-space.

Sorry I can't send nudes until the polar bears are saved. I just think it's really inconsiderate.
He was trying to cool the planet and she was regrowing the forests. And they wanted us to root for... the trust fund billionaire.


2. Organically Spiced Memes

Organically Spiced Memes create "Spicy memes for the spicy climate." The majority of the memes consist of pop-culture references from film, television, youtube, tik tok, twitter, reddit, and more. The pop culture is combined with ecology, climate change, environmentalism, and social commentary. The account roasts climate denial and deceit while also using current events and celebrities to create eco-memes. 

Waiting for sea level rise to get me so I don't need to worry about the consequences of climate change.
Climate scientists devoting their lives to research. Me sharing their work on Insta stories.

3. GoGreenSaveGreen

This account is by a women of color and dedicated to people of color.  GoGreenSaveGreen is teaching people about the environment and how to help. The account has a dash of both serious and fun!

Samantha from Bewitched (cartoon) flying on a broom set against the night sky. Text: the most eco-friendly way to travel.
Public understanding of... The importance of trees, The importance of Fungi.


4. Sustainable Is Sexy

Sustainable is Sexy is not directly a meme account, but it does produce hilarious content within the eco-sphere. This account is best known for creating comedic promo videos for sustainable products and championing low/zero waste living. According to them, being eco-friendly is their biggest turn-on. You should head to their page to check out the videos and reels.

5. Wild Green Memes

Wild Green Memes is for "Ecological Fiends." The account plays with anything relating to ecology or the green movement. 

Being bipedal sucks My back hurts and I want hand feet



6. Phil the Fixer

Technically, Phil the Fixer is not a meme account, but his content is hilarious, insightful, and environmental! Phil creates unforgettable reels and perceptive commentary. Phil utilizes his backgrounds -as a musician, cowboy, creator, and environmentalist- to manifest his vision. Phil often comments on politics, social systems, and a variety of topics within the eco-space.

If our parents didn't want us to become socialists, they shouldn't have put such a strong emphasis on the whole "sharing is caring" lesson. #babysfirstradicalizedthought

Depression is the natural state of someone who has a deep connection to a dying ecosystem. The medicine is repairing and restoring the nature that surrounds us.

7. Planty

Planty is a fresh meme account that focuses on the ups and downs of plants ownership. If you are looking for any plant related memes, check here. The content is relatable and the sarcasm is real.

Can't stop thinking about all the plants I'd get if I had Arnold's bedroom

its my Mental illness and i get to choose the coping mechanism [Link holding an image of a Garden Center]

8. Fridays for Future Memes

Fridays for Future is an international strike and environmental movement that focuses on youth leadership to promote understanding of the climate crisis. Greta Thunberg started a youth climate strike in Sweden in August 2018. Fridays for Future Memes is a meme account for and by the youth of the movement as well as other climate-minded people.




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