Call for Entries!

Call for Entries!

Announcing our 6th annual NYCxDesign Week show, “Renew Me”, a design show about energy & the environment. If you are a designer who loves sustainability & are sick of the typical design week furniture/lighting shows - this is the show for you.

More on the theme:
It feels like there is an unlimited supply of electricity, food, & materials available at our fingertips. If we continue consumption at this rate, what does the future hold? Imagine society 100 years from now, when natural resources have been depleted and there is a boom of sustainable inventions. We challenge you think about your own personal energy use. Choose a topic that you’re passionate about & address the issue.

The call for entries is open until March 12th. The show is May 10-12 at the Usagi Gallery in Dumbo.
Go to for all of the details.

We look forward to seeing what you submit!

(note this event is over)

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