On March 20th watch Grouphug founder Krystal Persaud swim with the sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Grouphug on Shark Tank

Watch Grouphug founder Krystal Persaud on Shark Tank on March 20 at 8pm EST on ABC.

Grouphug’s first product, the Window Solar Charger.

America is about to see what a future with ridiculously looking solar panels can look like. We’re so excited to share our story & vision for accessible solar energy in such a big way. What do the sharks think of Grouphug’s vision?

You’ll have to tune in to find out.

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Grouphug founder Krystal Persaud


“At Grouphug, our mission is to change the perception that renewable energy is a boring utility.”


“At Grouphug, our mission is to change the perception that renewable energy is a boring utility purchased by the most privileged. The technology itself can be designed to be more relatable, have a personality, and be fun,” explained Grouphug Founder Krystal Persaud. The industrial designer interviewed over one hundred New Yorkers last summer when doing research for the project, and found a lot of misconceptions about solar energy that discourage people from taking steps to go off the grid.

“People think solar panels are ugly and utilitarian, or that you have to own a house with a roof to go solar, which leaves out millions of apartment dwellers in NYC. We realized, the fundamental design of commercial solar panels hasn’t changed in 60 years, despite the price of solar cells dropping a whopping 99% over the last four decades. We asked ourselves: why aren’t more industrial designers integrating solar technology into their products? How can we make solar cells appeal to every New Yorker?”

Prior to founding Grouphug, Persaud was the Senior Director of Product Design at educational electronic toy company littleBits. She left the company to take her experience in toy design and apply it to make engaging renewable energy products. Persaud is currently a member at NEW Inc at the New Museum, where she is growing the company.

For more information, please contact hello@grouphugtech.com.

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