Solar Panel Workshop on June 27th

Solar Panel Workshop on June 27th

We’re hosting a solar panel workshop at Company on June 27th.

Ever wondered how solar technology works? Roll up your sleeves and get hands on by participating in a  step-by-step workshop on how to build a solar panel prototype that can charge a smartphone. You'll measure solar cells, assemble circuits, and dream up wacky solar inventions for the future. Beginners welcome, no prior electronics experience necessary!

What will you learn?

The history of solar panels, the latest trends in the industry, and the technology behind harvesting the sun’s magical energy.

Event details:

A hands-on evening of solar tech & creativity
June 27th, 6-8PM
Company HQ (335 Madison Avenue, 3rd Fl)


RSVP here, tickets are $10 (note this event has ended)

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