Community Spotlight: Natalie, Brooklyn

Community Spotlight: Natalie, Brooklyn

This is an interview series featuring members of our Grouphug community. We always love hearing about how you use your solar charger & tackle living sustainably. Interested in being featured? Email

Meet Natalie
Brooklyn, New York  

Tell us a little about yourself!
I currently work in the energy industry for a leading utility company who’s goal is to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. I'm also pursuing a certificate in Clean Energy at NYU’s School of Global Affairs. I graduate in May! I also created & run Mindfulie, where I write about sustainable lifestyle and shopping tips. My mission is to inform others about all the different ways one can live more in harmony with people and Mother Nature. 

What is your favorite thing to charge with our solar charger?
My go-to piece of tech to charge is my phone!
I’m on it constantly so it's always in need of some (natural) fuel!

How do you tackle living "sustainably"? 
I'm working toward living a more sustainable lifestyle from the inside out. What that means is developing an intimate and healthy relationship with my body & brain (inside/micro/self), so I can live a lifestyle that would positively impact our planet & communities (outside/macro/community). We can only live more in harmony with the world & protect our communities by taking care of ourselves first. For me, that’s through mindfulness, developing healthier eating habits, slowing down, therapy, & setting healthy boundaries. By working on sustainability within, it gives me the time and energy to be take care of people and the planet.

How did you take your "first step into solar"?
My first “step into solar” would be through my job! I work for an energy company and I was learning about the solar projects they were doing. I wanted to learn even more so I deducted to get my Certificate in Clean Energy at NYU! I have a new fascination with our current grid system and how renewables, like solar, will not only benefit the planet but communities as well, such as financial returns and lower monthly utility bills!  

What do you do for fun?!
As a blogger and part-time student, if I’m not working, I’m usually creating content or studying up! Whether it’s a photo shoot, researching topics such as carbon offsets, or thrifting, I love the sustainability space so much so you can always find me doing something related to that! 

I also have a two-year-old doggo named Ollie. You can find us walking the streets of our neighborhood with my fiancé on most weekends! 

Follow Natalie on instagram: @mindfulie

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