Case Study: Solar Turtle

Case Study: Solar Turtle

Solar Turtle, the world's first turtle-shaped solar panel, is coming to a nature center in Iowa.

About the site:

The Hartman Reserve Nature Center is a 308.9-acre nature reserve located in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The reserve is dedicated to teaching youth about nature through hands on experiences and preservation.


Grouphug Solar - Solar Turtle

How Solar Turtle was born:

The center recently got solar panels installed on their rooftop. They wanted to share this achievement with their community and visitors, but none of their visitors could see the panels way up there on the roof! The center reached out to us and asked if we could design a turtle-shaped solar panel to power lighting for a turtle exhibit. Of course, we said yes!

Tech Specs:

100W, powers an interactive turtle exhibit with sounds & lights.


Currently in progress & set to be complete in May 2020.

Behind the scenes:

The Center is one of our favorite clients because they bring turtles to our brainstorms! 


Grouphug Solar - Solar Turtle


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