Thank You! Note from Grouphug founder Krystal

Thank You! Note from Grouphug founder Krystal

I wanted to take a moment to say a big THANK YOUUUU! 

2020 did not go how any of us planned. I don't want to gloss over that - 2020 WAS ROUGH. With all of the set backs & uncertainty - I am optimistic. About a year ago we launched our idea on Kickstarter and never could have imagined we would get this far. I am completely overwhelmed by how much support we've received. 

I truly believe that it's the small incremental changes that move the tide, especially when it comes to big issues like clean energy. Solar energy is only 2% of electricity in the United States... this is just the beginning. 

Sending you a all big virtual hugs! Cheers & Happy Thanksgiving.

Krystal Persaud

PS - what's your favorite Thanksgiving food? Mine is stuffing. I made some vegan-sausage cornbread stuffing this year. 

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