Introducing TRASHTALK

Introducing TRASHTALK

We’re SO EXCITED to be introducing TRASHTALK; a series of interviews with people about their sustainable secrets & the products they can’t live without.

Most people want to do something to help the environment, but when it comes to practicing what they preach, only 20% want to make any effort to adopt new habits [Pew]. Honestly, we don’t blame them. Being eco friendly is less convenient, more expensive, and for lack of a better word - clunky.

We know there are oodles of blog posts on the interweb explaining how easy it is to give up takeout food, make your own toothpaste, and live sustainably ever after. However, these posts couldn’t feel farther from reality. We know that living zero waste can be frustrating, icky, and, well, nuanced. It doesn’t always feel glamorous or easy. Our goal is to bring you an authentic view of what it’s like to wrestle with living as waste free as possible.

AND learn about the best products to make your zero waste journey seamless. They’ve already been vetted & tested! What’s the best eco friendly deodorant that actually works? How do you compost without the stench? Did we mention we’re excited?

We’re talking to people from all over the U.S. — starting with Brooklyn, Atlanta, & Seattle.
Got tips to share & wanna be featured? Let us know.

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