Winners of the Gingerbread Competition Announced!

The 4 winners of the 2nd annual Solar Gingerbread Competition were announced December 16th, check them out! 

1. Best Gingerbuddy story

Jack and Lily (@lil.y.meyer)

Jack and Lily live off the grid in the wilderness of the Midwestern US. Their house is on the bank of a river where they get fresh water and built on the base of an old tree so they didn’t have to clear any space to build. They utilize the nearby river to produce backup power to their solar panels. Despite their remote living situation these two take their Christmas decorations very seriously but use minimal lights to preserve power. Their garden is used to grow native plants for food and other animals so they don’t travel to the grocery often and making sure anything they do use is composted, recycled, or reused as much as possible. Jack and Lily enjoy the peace they find and nature and the comfort it brings them knowing they’re making a difference in protecting the planet.

Jack and Lily Meyer

2. Most innovative use of edible materials

Keenan and Susie (@keenankeenankeenan)

Welcome to our Gingerbread Community Garden!
Our Gingerpeople have built a lovely farming garden for their neighborhood using the best in regenerative agriculture practices.

Keenan and Susie

3. Most original and creative

Sam Hill-Cristol (@shcristol)

Our house is called “Snow Day in Brooklyn”. On a cold, snowy day in Brooklyn Gingerbuddy didn’t want to leave their house so instead they went up to the roof and dusted off their solar array to ensure that their day of activities would be powered by renewable energy. They also have compost pickup from Brooklyn business Groundcycle, but the snow prevented the Sunday pickup so the bucket remained outside. Gingerbuddys solar array is a small canopy common on Brooklyn brownstones, designed as such for structural reasons and to give space for a roof garden in the summer.

Sam Hill-Cristol

4. People’s choice

Husna Moosa (@grow_to_o2)

Welcome to our sustainable home complete with a rain water collector, solar battery to charge our electric car, organic farming, recycling containers, a windmill for windpower, a solar panel, a huge window for natural lighting, and a thatched roof that provides excellent insulation.

Husna Moosa

Winners in all 4 categories won a free Window Solar Charger. 

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