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Deluxe Solar Charger Instructions

Step 1: Wipe down your window

Wipe down your window & make sure the surface is clean. This will ensure your suction cup will have a good, strong grip. Let the surface dry before you start step 2. 

Step 2: Place suction cup on window

This one is important! There is specific way to do this to make sure your suction cup is very securely attached. Watch the short video below for a quick tutorial. This method will ensure your suction cup will have a good, strong grip. 

Here is the special suction cup method:

  • Use your fingers to bend the suction up backwards (from being concave to being convex)
  • Then place the center of the suction cup directly on the window so that it's touching the glass.
  • After the center is touching the window, let the perimeter of the suction cup touch the glass and press down.
  • Give the hook on the suction cup a tug to ensure it's securely on there. 

Step 3: Hang your solar charger

Hang your solar panel on the suction cup hook. The side with the dark solar cells & engraved smiley sun should face outside. 

What do the LEDs mean? 

Each USB port has 3 indicator LEDs. Press the small wooden button to see the status of your solar charger: 

  • The yellow LED that indicates if there is enough sunlight to charge your battery.
  • The green LED which tells you if your battery is more than 50% full.
  • The red LED which tells you if your battery is running low.

How does the battery work?

Each USB port is connected to a 3400mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery. The sun charges up the Window Solar Charger's internal battery all day so when you get home from work, school, outer space, or wherever it's ready to go day or night.

What can I charge with this?

Charge all your favorite small USB devices from the charger's internal battery. A full battery can charge iPhones (2x), Android phones (1 - 1.5x), Tablets (0.5x), Air Pods (3x), Portable Speaker (1x), Donuts (1000x). 

You will need a USB-C adapter for USB-C devices. You can find those on Amazon.

Got a question?

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