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Weekly Events

Upcoming Events 

Thursday November 12th, 6pm on Zoom
Topic: Sustainable Fashion with Jess Schreiber

This week we're branching out & talking about sustainable fashion with Jess Schreiber, the co-founder of FABSCRAP.

FABSCRAP is your one-stop textile reuse and recycling resource. We'll chat about striving to live a zero waste lifestyle and how the future of fashion... could include solar-powered clothing.

Admission is free, RSVP here


Past Events

Thursday October 29th, 5pm on Zoom
Topic: What is Community Solar? with Steph Speirs

Community solar is a new way to switch to renewable energy - without needing to own a house or have access to your rooftop. Unlike rooftop solar, there is no upfront installation cost because the solar panels live off-site in a solar farm.

Steph Speirs, Co-founder & CEO of Solstice, is joining us to explain how community solar works. Solstice is a community solar company founded in 2014. They believe that every American household can be powered by affordable renewable energy.

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Thursday October 22nd, 6pm on Zoom
Topic: Solar Power for Artists with Alex Nathanson

Alex Nathanson is the founder of Solar Power for Artists and is writing THE book about the history of creative solar panels. Alex will give a short talk showing examples of how artists & designers around the world have tackled solar energy. These projects will blow you away. Grab a drink & join us for an evening of mind-boggling designs.

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Wednesday October 14th, 6pm on Zoom
Topic: Transparent Solar Panels 

Grouphug Solar founder Krystal Persaud will talk about the different types of solar cells out in the world -- from the traditional blue ones you see on houses to cutting edge transparent solar cells in the works.

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Wednesday September 23rd, 6pm on Zoom
Topic: Crash Course into Solar Energy 

Grouphug Founder Krystal will give a crash course on solar energy & answer all your solar Q's. She'll be discussing all things solar like what are solar panels made of? How can you go solar? And what does the future of solar energy look like? This is for beginners - so if you’ve ever wanted to learn more about renewable energy, sign up.

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