Thank You! Note from Grouphug founder Krystal

Thank You! Note from Grouphug founder Krystal

I wanted to take a moment to say a big THANK YOUUUU! 

It's hard to believe we're 2 years into the pandemic & the world will never be quite the same. 2021 was a year of adjustments. Adjusting how we operate as a team, our manufacturing plants, timelines ... everything. We've been shipping our Window Solar Chargers for about a year and half now and I never could have imagined we would get this far! I am consistently blown away by how much support we've received. 

Thank you. Whether you are a customer, attended a workshop, followed us on social media, or told a friend about us - thank you! All these interactions add up and we (the Grouphug team) feel it!

This holiday, we're doing things a little differently. We know that sustainable products can help shift daily habits, BUT it's not the only solution. Shopping does not fix systemic issues like environmental justice. November is Indigenous Peoples Heritage Month. We're donating 5% of our holiday sales to a Native American owned solar nonprofit. You can read more about our Holiday Giveback Program here

Sending you all big virtual hugs!

Krystal Persaud

PS - what's your favorite Thanksgiving food? I usually love stuffing, but I'm looking forward to eating hefty amounts of my sister's cranberry sauce this year :) 

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