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Window Solar Charger



This easy-to-install, stylish solar panel charges your devices with the power of the sun. As Seen on Shark Tank.

  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery - Our solar charger stores energy so you can charge your devices day or night. 
  • Power Your Personal Devices - The built in USB port can charge iPhones, Android phones, smart watches, AirPods, bike lights, speakers & more. 
  • No Fuss Installation - Includes a suction cup hook that attaches to any window.
  • Educational - Our solar panel is encased in perfectly transparent, durable plastic so you can see the solar tech inside. 
  • Responsible Design - This product is designed to be repairable. Never ever throw it away! We will gladly take it back and replace parts. 


  • 10W solar panel 
  • 3,400 mAh battery 
  • 1 USB-A port, adapter needed for USB-C devices
  • Approximately 10 hrs of direct sun to fully charge built-in battery
  • Product dimensions are about 13” x 10” x 1.25"


Customer Reviews
4.5 Based on 15 Reviews
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Anna S.
United States United States
Perfect for phone charging!

I've been using this for a few months now, and with the exception of overcast days I've been able to charge my phone exclusively with this charger! I use it with a longer charging cable so I'm able to keep my phone on my nightstand and charge overnight with no issue. I've also used it to charge other smaller devices like a mini bluetooth speaker and a garmin watch. Since this is my only way to access solar right now, it's absolutely perfect for me.

Audrey H.
United States United States
Cushion and Manufacturing Location

I really like how the panel looks and it works about as well as I expected it to, but every time I plug in a charger to the USB cord, the panel rattles against my window rather loudly and I'm afraid it will break. I also really appreciate how easily I can move the window charger, because the lighting in my house changes day to day, but the clattering is obnoxious and with such thin frames, seems like I could easily damage it. Additionally, I like that the button for indicator lights shuts off without pressure, because I have a solar lantern that loses charge fast and in order to check the charge more charge is drawn since the on/off is the same button and it's hard to tell whether it's actually on or off! I really like this product idea overall, but, similar to other "eco-friendly" products I've purchased, when I received it I was surprised to see that it has the classic "Made in China" label. I guess it's bold of me to assume products like this would be manufactured in the U.S., but if this is to be marketed as a carbon neutral product in manufacturing, it would be beneficial as a consumer to know more details of what the manufacturing process entails. Knowing that manufacturing is cheaper in China often because of less environmental and human safety regulations, it's concerning that information is not easily available on the website. If there are good reasons for manufacturing in China, then just let us know. Thank you!

Madison D.
United States United States
Great Product - Design Needs Improvement

Overall, I think the product is really great and innovative, but the design hinders the overall experience. The wood frames are extremely fragile and often fall apart. I have super glued the frames numerous times, which has become a tedious weekly task. While I would recommend this product, I am eagerly awaiting an updated model.

Grouphug Solar

Thank you for the feedback, Madison! We take it to heart & are so sorry that we have added this tedious task to your week. We'll reach out to offer a replacement & see what went wrong with your frame.

Aaron A.
United States United States
Purchased 4 a Friend

They love it — I'm going to buy one for myself.

Grouphug Solar

Thank you for the support, Aaron!

Kenzie A.
United States United States
Super Fun Way to Play with Solar

I love my solar panel and love the grouphug brand even more! When I had issues with the product, the team went above and beyond to make sure it was solved! I find it most useful for recharging my phone or airpods, and think its also pretty darn cute! 5/5 for sure!

Grouphug Solar

Thank you for sharing Kenzie :) So glad we were able to help you troubleshoot your issue.